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Canary no longer singing

Submitted by smstrange on Thu, 10/19/2017 - 03:08
Our canary always sang - all the time. He went through a molt in June, July and half of August. I know they will stop singing during a molt but it's been two months since then and he still is not singing - at all. Just sits quietly in his cage. Anyone know why that would be? He’s no longer molting - I no longer find any feathers like I was seeing during his molt. So I’m fairly certain his molting period is over and has been for several weeks. Anyone have a similar experience?

During the molting season, birds are physically stressed. This can result in nutritional deficiency or even sickness (lowered immune system). Adding healthy food items, such as greens like kale, broccolli or other DARK greens; as well as hard boiled egg WITH egg shell; and whole grain brain may help. The following webpage provides information on feeding canaries: ... Also try encouraging singing, such as playing recordings of canaries singing (can be found easily online - youtube). This may also encourage him to start singing again.

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