lump on canary's face?

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Submitted by koi14 on Sun, 07/23/2017 - 07:20
can anyone tell me what is wrong with my poor hen?

This brings back memories. A decade or so one of my canaries had a huge lump (aka cyst) on its head. It was soft and at least an inch tall. It looked like my canary was wearing a hat. My mom was here at the time (she passed since) and she recommended a wet, warm (not hot) chamomile tea bag be held against this cyst for several minutes twice a day. I did that, and the cyst opened up and all the pus drained. The canary actually had a seizure then, and we thought it would die, but we put it in a hospital cage for a day or two (to keep it warm) and it completely recovered in days. Of course, as always, it is best for a veterinarian to actually look at this and see if this is an infectious cyst as I suspect. The procedure of what *we* did at the time was to place a chamomile bag in hot water, take it out, allow to cool down to WARM, squeeze out excess water and hold against canary's face (gently as not to cause any injury to this fragile little bird) ...

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