needing info on raising golden red pheasants

I have just rescued a beautiful red golden pheasant. "Flash" is not only strikingly handsome but is fast as the wind. I'm not sure if he was ever in an enclosure or aviary, I have no history on him. but i currently have a 10 by 10 outside AKC dog kennel for him. He spends most of his days in a dog crate on a perch which is on the ground and only comes out a few times a day to look for bugs and eats grass. An avian specialist told me not to be too concerned with this as he must feel safe in the crate and this is good. he told me to plant tall grasses around the perimeter of his habitat so he has places to hide and not just pace like he was doing before. i just wonder if he is depressed and scared. He does love live mealworms and some grain but I am needing to find game bird feed but having trouble with locating any in my area of portland oregon. Can anyone help advise me on how best to care for him?