bird in shock

Hi, we found a crow outside of our workplace sprawled on the ground, beak in the soil. it is unusually hot day today so maybe he is overheated? but he does not keep his head up although he breathes and his eyes are ope. Is he in shock? he is resting in a cool, conditioned office now and we syringed some water into his beak and he swallowed. what else can we do for him. anybody could give advice?


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It could be that he flew against a window. You are right now providing supportive care (hydration, comfort). If he didn't suffer any internal injuries, he should recover in the next 24 hours and be ready to fly off. If he gets air borne in your offices, he may get hurt when you try to catch him (which will be challenging and dangerous as well - as he might fly into windows or walls again). So make sure that he can't fly off once he recovers. This being said, if there are injuries, he may need treatment. If I were you, I would look around for a wildlife rehabilitation center. They would be equipped to check for any injuries and treat as necessary. Sibylle
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