Searching for my Macaw

I am desperately trying to find my male blue and gold macaw, Rio. I sold him to a man in Franklin, IN, Mike Fitzpatrick. He promised to give my sweet boy a wonderful home forever. I NEVER would have sold my bird if I thought he wasn't going to a home that could provide more attention than I could, I have several rescue dogs that require a lot of care. Mike Fitpatrick has listed Rio for sale on at least 2 sites. I contacted him telling him I wanted to buy my bird back, but he ignored all my texts, phone calls and messages, choosing instead to block my phone and remove the ad I had messaged him through. PLEASE if you bought a blue and gold macaw from Mike Fitzgerald from Franklin, IN in the past 6 months, contact me asap. I am willing to buy my bird back, or at least want to see that he's ok.

This is a horrible situation that unfortunately too many people find themselves in. They place their pet into what they believe into a good home and the other party "monetizes" their pet. We hope you will be able to find your pet soon! Sibylle
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