Please help! Pet Muscovy duck health concerns

Submitted by iamfocused2015… on Sun, 12/11/2016 - 14:21
Hello, I have a pet Muscovy Duck that is having health issues. She is experiencing the following signs and symptoms: 1) She just laid her first clutch of a total of 13 eggs. The 1st egg was laid Nov 16th. She continued to lay 1 egg every morning and finished laying the 13th and final egg of this clutch Dec 1st. Almost immediately after finishing laying the last egg... she lost her appetite appetite and would barely eat. It now has been about ten days since the last egg was laid and still no appetite. She probably eats less than 1/4 the amount she used to eat. After looking up info on Muscovy Ducks I have discovered that the food I feed her does not meet the feeding guidelines she needs to be healthy. I have had her since the day she hatched because her mother was hit by a car and killed same day. As far as what she eats, I have given her dried and fresh meal worms and super worms,Crickets, and maybe on 2 occasions feeder fish (all of which were purchased from pet store and not found in the wild), 1-2 slices of wheat bread daily, a sampling of our table scraps (spaghetti, kale, string cheese- her favorite, cereal, rice, fruit- blueberries, strawberries, turkey lunch meat, etc etc. and she has access to light foraging daily of grass, trees, leaves, bushes in our front yard. I put her in her kennel and bring her inside every night but she is free to roam all throughout the day as I put her outside every morning. 2) Her stool is very runny almost looks like water. She has had this diarrhea for several days now. (Sign of possible parasites? Do you recommend that I deworm her myself? I can not afford to take her to the vet. Can you please tell me the name and dosage of a safe accessible dewormer medication? She is losing weight quickly. PLEASE ADVISE!! Note: She did not appear to be struggling when she was laying and is not egg bound. She is less active but doesn't exhibit signs of sickness in her temperament (she's not puffed up, she is alert, and still affectionate. What is proper diet for her and how do I get her to eat? The next problem is minor compared to the ones listed above: 3) My duck has angel wings. I'm afraid it is prob too late to tape them. Are there any other solutions for this? I realize now this condition is due to improper diet. Can I clip/ trim the feathers on the wings that are sticking out? Just make them shorter.. Lately she has been getting them caught on things. I know they have blood feathers.. But I don't know which ones they are or how to trim the feathers sticking out without causing her any injury or damage. I'm afraid if I don't trim them she may injur or break her wings if she keeps getting them caught on things. Also, is there any other solution besides surgury? Please advise! Any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you! I have included her photos below image1.JPG image2.JPG image3.JPG image4.JPG image6.JPG image7.JPG The last photo below was a taken 2 months ago when she had a healthy appetite and before she laid any eggs. Best Regards, SN 702-575-0572 Sent from my iPhone

I am sorry to hear about your pet's problems. Without doing testing, it is difficult for a vet to diagnose a health problem. A simple CBC Blood Test would provide information about a possible infection, for example, which typically would be easily treated with antibiotics. There is some information about ... If it is a dietary issue (malnutrition), this condition might be reversible. If no vet is available in your area, I would recommend contacting your local wildlife rehabilitation center or even feed stores (which may carry antibiotics) ...

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