A few weeks ago we had several mice in the house & all but one were quickly caught. The remaining mouse would scare my 2 budgies of a night,climb a step ladder close to the cage where seed was spilt etc. Although the mouse is now gone one of my 2 budgies is scared of bedtime. He whimpers when it gets dark,when eating and at bed time he panics and whimpers greatly. Only calms down when is sat with and spoken to but whimpering returns when we leave the room and we don't want to introduce any habits etc a night light is in use as he he now terrified of lights out. Any noise at night scares him,come sunrise he is fine. Changing sleeping room has failed. Been to the vet to check him out for illness but is fine. Any ideas how to boost his confidence?


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Your budgie has been traumatized and special consideration of his mental state needs to be given. It will take time for him to get over it. For now, a night light would help reduce the stress your pet is under. It is the only solution that makes sense, other than having him artificially sedated by your vet with medication - which would be expensive, in addition to potentially coming with dangerous side effects. There are some calming bird supplements as well (ie., Avitech AviCalm Calming Supplement). That might help.
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