Pet Sitting

My husband and I are going away for two weeks and will be leaving our two Pionus parrots at home. Their usual sitter will be coming to the house twice a day to feed and clean the cages. Other than that they will be alone. When we are not on vacation we alternate between cage time and free time, however since we will be away, and the birds have a tendency to bite they will not be handled much by the sitter. Should we give our birds the freedom to go in and out of their cages while we are away, or keep them inside for the two weeks? In addition, do we give them plenty of natural light or close the blinds partially or all the way? My 3 year old female demands my attention by screaming. I try to ignore this negative behavior and reward her when she behaves positively, but we live in an apartment building and don't want to disturb our neighbors. Consequently I am having a difficult time training them and feel overwhelmed!