Grey becoming aggressive

My grey rashii is 3, ive had since she was a hatchling. Lately shes started biting, hard, drawing blood. My sons took her for about 6months after i discovered black mold in my apt. Cld that b y?

I love her, i fear ive let her down. I want her happy, it doesnt seem she is with me anymore. Advice, please
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African Greys are very smart; and they get spooked easily. If they get spooked by anything, they will "bite first" and won't think whether a bite was really necessary. This is self-preservation. They may also lose trust in their owners. For example, at one time I accidentally hit my Grey while moving my arm over his playground. It took me a while to reestablish trust in her. During the time of establishing trust, it is best not to allow a bird access to your skin. We like the Arm & Hand Perch as a training tool as it allows you to pick a bird up and yet have your skin protected (especially if worn as a HAND perch. Of course, you can simply pull a very thick fabric over your hand (such as a towel double-layered) and achieve the same effect. Once a bird gets aggressive again, you will have to go through the taming process again. The following page will provide guidance: ... Best of luck! Sibylle
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Could also be hormonal the bird maybe beckoning sexually mature this will calm down out of season. Don't give up on the bird take your time and re build your relationship even sitting watching TV together is bonding.
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