Indian ringneck behavior

Hi my name is Jodi. I am new to this forum. I have an Indian ringneck, her name is peeps. And an African grey named Cosmo. My issue as of late is peeps has become aggressive. I bought her a bigger cage. ( the cage I received her in was too small for her). All she wants to do is bite. I have to distract her to feed her or she will bite the blood out of me. I cannot handle her anymore she goes to bite. She will cluck and sing for me to rub her head and after a few seconds she will go to bite me. Then she will put her foot in her mouth and stomp it in her cage. Then she will start regurgitating. It makes no sense. She gets agitated when I get my grey out and play with him. I was thinking she was being cage aggressive? She seems to love men and use to be lovable with my son but she is even biting him now. Any help on her type of bird would be appreciated. I have had her since December 2015 and guessing she is 7 yrs old or a bit older

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