Help needed to ID our bird.

We received a bird from a neighbor who identified it only as a lorikeet. Later someone else told us it is an Australian grass parakeet. We've looked on every website we can find to ID this bird, no luck with any matches. Sure hope someone out there will be able to help us! :-)



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Hi Sibylle, Didn't find where to post the new picture so I've just replaced the first photo to one taken with my camera instead of my phone. I hope it is better but I don't see that it's made much difference. I could try sending the pic direct and that might help things more. Thanks, Barb

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My first guess would be that this is a grasskeet.  Would be a mutation though ... Can't say more since there isn't enough details to be seen via this post / image.  A grasskeet would average 8 inches in length (from head to tip of tail).  A Rosella would be 11 or 12 inches in length. So a Rosella would be quite a bit bigger than a Grasskeet.  So that alone should help you ID the general family this bird belongs to.  A more detailed image can be uploaded on this website (top menu: Media / Upload Image) or can be attached to your posts. Thanks!

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