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I have a 5 year old Blue and gold. I have had him / her for a year and he is friendly with everyone. Lately the bird has started nesting by taring up boxes in the corner of my room. The bird has started bonding more with me and now is starting to be less friendly with other members in the family as well as strangers. Prior to this change he would let anyone hold pet and love on him. I do like the fact that we have a good bond but want him to be nice to all people. Any advice?

This is a common, SEASONAL problem.  First of all, remove the "nest" - tidy the area, remove the boxes ... limit food to mornings and evenings. Remove food during the day (although always provide water).   Birds will go into "season" if the conditions for raising a family are  favorable.  So by limiting food and disturbing the nesting area you may be able to stop the breeding behavior.  However, you can do so only if no eggs have been laid.  Once egg laying has started, you have to allow the pet to go through the incubation process.

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Parrots are monogamous. So this behavior is quite typical unless family members really get make a point of keeping a parrot well socialized to them. This being said, once parrots get into breeding mode, they will focus on their chosen mate even more. The following webpage provides information on hormonal / breeding / mating behavior in pet birds:
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