Society Finches

I was going to come to this category for learning more, but it seems there is nothing? so here I have started one up. Also, I kow this sounds funny.....and I was feeling like a 'troll' and gigglingly stupidly, both provide a place to keep most of my pet bird posts to keep my facebook friends sane and to help promote Society Finches, I got ....a facebook page for my birds XD. Not really that absurd though, is it? My hubby thinks future kids will be next, but no.....I really do think these birds need some help finding a place. I call it "Finchy Life" Little to nothing for finch owners in shops for bird enhancement is a concern of mine. Maybe not dead-serious as the basics are available, but do people honestly think finches are happy with tiny cages and no toys? no special treats really, some shops even have literally NOTHING for small birds but a ton for others, as if finches just live off dust, or don't even require food to begin with, or not even considered pet-worthy :(. I'm even thinking about starting something up, but little folks got finches as far as I know (everyone I see in my town has dogs), I cannot see how far I'd get and maybe I'd just be tossing my money into a hole on hopeful wishful thinking. Especially since I have low wage jobs a few days a week----but maybe it's a chance to own my own job. However, I also realized since most of us live in smaller and smaller spaces, we should promote finches over parrots to people for both party's long-term benefits, as they are less likely to out-live people or be dropped off at shelters for disturbing others or being neglected. Not to mention, it could help against the underground world of exotic animal industries, for those of us who want more than just a happy pet, but a thriving species in their natural worlds. One reason I think it is, is that there is a misconception that finches are boring and not able to bond. I personally fell for Society FInches as I love the natural sort of hawk look of them, sort of like having a wild bird. What I'm learning is that while my finch has a short atttention span, it does like to play with stuff.....including my cell phone! loves my phone. I got it a game to play where it can squish virtual bugs. It took to it quite fast! on short intervals, but still, haha. Yikes I wrote way too much, but that is typical me. I did join the finch forum site, but it is so buggy, I cannot even sign in nor find proof that my account exists in my that's not happening. Seems this site is buggy too :(, all my paragraphs are muddled up into a pile.