terrible shreak from our Female Eclectus

HELP! My female Eclectus has been making a new, EXTREMELY undesirable sound lately. It sounds something like the beep of a smoke alarm when the battery is low, but it’s VERY loud and VERY shrill, causes ringing in my wife’s ears and is physically painful. Literally, it is quite painful. She does it every time she sees my wife and she does it constantly until my wife is no longer in sight. It started when the bird was sitting on a clutch of infertile eggs. My wife was concerned that she wasn’t eating, so she made her a mush out of her Birdeez Buffet and fed it to her on a spoon. The bird started acting like a baby every time she saw her and begged for food. After the bird realized her eggs were infertile and abandoned them, she continued to beg my wife for food, but her call got louder and louder, until it turned into this loud, shrill shriek. We really need to know how to make it stop. My wife can’t stand to be around her at all unless we can get her to stop this horrible noise. It is likely to cause damage to my wife’s ears if it doesn’t stop. Thank you.

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