My peafowl are dying they seem to be in respiratory distress gasping and eventually they are unable to roost. I have had peafowl for about 5 years ,They are free range in the summer and have their own barn in the winter It started a few years ago they seem completely healthy until they turn 2 or three and then the gasping starts and eventual death. I worm them so I don't believe that's the problem. They seem perfectly healthy eating and walking and flying normally and come 2 to three years old the symptoms start. I have raised this batch from eggs and introduced no new fowl.The eggs were hatched by two fowl that ended up with this disease, I was wondering if this could be passed through the egg There barn is brand new and they have no other species with them they seem healthy until 2 or 3 eventuall they cannot reach their roost any help would be appreciated. thankyou debbie


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I am sorry to hear that. Wild birds / animals could have brought in some disease. The only way to really found out what is going on is to take one of the diseased birds and have them necropsied. The County Vet does that generally very inexpensively. At this point, we would recommend quarantining any sick birds from the those that appear to be healthy; remove ALL birds from the area they were kept in; remove any old litter and debris; rinse all surfaces with water; apply a disinfectant according to directions - use a US Environmental Protection Agency-registered disinfectant that is effective against avian pathogens; leave the area to dry thoroughly; clean and disinfect your work booths and wash your clothes that you wore while cleaning the area. Slowly move healthy looking birds back into that area. Also - since you mentioned a new barn - could any items used in the construction of the barn emit toxic fumes, such as treated 2 or 4 by 4s? Also you may want to consider buying a fresh batch of food - just in case the food that you bought was contaminated.

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