Jealous and Aggressive Sun Conure

Greetings; Seeking advice for a jealous and aggressive 15-year old female Sun Conure. My girlfriend has owned the bird since it was a few months old. My girlfriend and I (male) have dated for almost 2 years. We do not live together but see each other on weekends. Her Conure has taken a strong liking to me, a possession if you will. When I am at her house and the Conure is in her cage, the Conure will be aggressive to anyone who approaches her, except for me. When out of her cage and with me, she goes into attack mode to drive other people away. The Conure takes several days to return to her usual, sweet self once she realizes I have left the house. Can anything be done so the Conure will be less jealous and aggressive, and accepting of my girlfriend and me, or is it time to consider giving her Conure up for rehoming? We want to do what’s best for the bird. Any suggestion/recommendation is greatly appreciated.

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