Eclectus boot box materials

Hello, I made a boot box for Gypsy to play around in and have a nest area for when we decide to get her a mate. I was wondering what I can finish the plywood with that would be safe if she decides to chew on the plywood. Also to be able to clean the wood for when she poops on it. Any help would be appreciated. Some sort of natural oils ? Thanks Neal W

In the wild, eclectus parrots will find suitable cavities (usually tree cavities or the top of dead trees) and spend considerable time "customizing" them to their liking.  This means, they will chew on the wood and modify the cavities as they wish. That is akin to us decorating and furnishing a home to make it our own.  In the bird world, it is also an important part of commencing mating and raising a family; plus chewing on wood constitutes healthy beak exercise and conditioning.


Breeders can expect to have to clean and repair, and eventually replace, nesting boxes.  If the nesting boxes are exposed to the elements, it is best to choose something like Cedar lumber, which is resistant to weather and insect activity.    Pine or plywood are acceptable as well, although not as durable. It is usually not recommended to apply a finish; although - especially if exposed to outside conditions, a finish may extend nest  box life.  If desired, a nontoxic wood preserver can be applied (ie. ECO Wood Treatment).


Best of luck! Sibylle


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