Eclectus mites

Hello everyone: Wanted to say thanks for all of the previous help with Gypsy. She is a 1 1/2 year old female Eclectus. This last weekend, my wife took her to a Faire and there were other birds there, and they co-mingled. One of the other birds shakes her head a lot, as if something is bothering her, and her owner says she does that when she’s excited. Yesterday, Gypsy started shaking her head the same way. Last night, my wife found several small black bugs at the bottom of Gypsy’s cage. They were very small, like the period at the end of this sentence. They jump and do not fly. We have never seen red mites, but we thought the mites that infest parrots are supposed to be red. These were black. Any ideas on what they are, and any help as to how to eliminate them and keep her bug free would be appreciated. Neal

Red mites are only red after feeding on blood (which turns them red).  So it may very well be red mites.  They are pretty common and those little pests like to hang out on the head and around the tail area.


They are easy enough to eradicate ...


If it turns out to be something else, please let us know. Thanks! Sibylle

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Well I took the large cage outside and I pressure washed it and cleaned all of her toys. I also cleaned her smaller cage and got some spray for her. She seems to be free of the mites. Thanks for your help !! Neal
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