My Pineapple Conure

On September 15, 2015 I Had Got A Pineapple Conure... I'll Try To Make This Story As Short As Possible. 2-3 Weeks Before September 15, 2015 I Got Him My Husband, And I Went In To See Him... He Was The Sweetest Bird. We Got To Interact With Him For A Good 15-20 Minute, He Didn't Try To Beak Me, Or Bite Me Once, We Fell In Love With Him So Fast. This Girl Told Us Or Warned Us That Works At That Pet Store That She Has Bitten By Him, And i Though That Was Strange, Because He Was So Good With Me O.k. The 1st Few Days He Was So Good Sweet, And Nice. A Few Days Later I Notice He Started To Like Bite My Finger Nails, And Nibbling... Then I Noticed He Started Biting Quit Hard. I Looked Up Some A Of This On Like, And I Found Out There Is Something Called Beaking. So I Was Like O.k. He's Not Biting Me... Yesterday I Was Playing With Him, And He Was Very Annoyed, And He Seemed Mad... This Time He Bit Me, And He Put A Hole In My Finger. It Actually Made Me Bleed... It Wasn't A Very Big Hole But It Drew Blood. I Don't Know What I Have Done To Him, And I Can't Understand What Happened. He Was Such A Sweet, And Loving Bird For The 1st Few Days, And Now i Feel Like He Hates Me. I Know I Shouldn't Show Him, I Am Scared Of Him, But He Bites Hard. My Husband, And I Are So Attached To Him, And I Really Don't Want To Have To Return Him. Please If Anyone Can Tell Me What I Am Doing Wrong Or Help Me, i Would Really Appreciate It... I Really Do Love My Bird, And I Really Want To Keep Him... HELP!!! =*(

I'm new to this forum and I have noticed that no one replies to the inquiries. Anyway, I just read yours from a year ago. I was wondering how it was going with your bird a year later? I was gifted a pineapple conure 8 months ago, I was told she was about 10 years old and would be very loud and challenging. I have 5 other birds as well, and this little girl bonded so fast with me and is so quiet and lets me pet her in her cage. She does move her beak to where my fingers are when I open her door but I just move out of the way so she hasn't time to do anything:-). I was just curious if you are still enjoying yours after one year.
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ok maybe he was out to long ? but you have to not show that any bad behaviors effect you (don't say ouch or get mad or sad). simply tap his beak gentaly and say a firm no and return him back to his cage. do this every time he bites or has any bad behavior and reword him by saying good job and giving him a treat... I really reconmend doing more research on this, but thats what I've heard to do
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