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Hi everyone this is my first post and thought I would ask a question. I recently acquired a new lovebird to have a friend for my male lovebird, and she pretty much immediately started to lay eggs. We had our doubts to whether or not the eggs she laid were fertile, so we candled all five eggs (oldest one is 16 days, youngest is 8 days old). None of them appear to be viable. So my question is, should we just remove them entirely, or wait for her to abandon the nest once they don't hatch? I don't want to cause any stress on her, so I wanted to ask before I do anything. Thanks in advance :D


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So the female was obviously "broody" and started laying eggs before the pair had gone through the proper mating process.  That happens.  Females alone will also lay eggs - but they will be infertile (without the engagement of a true male mate).


Anyhow, it is important to leave the eggs for now.  if you remove them, she will simply replace them and this will result in a mineral deficiency that could endanger her life.   The eggs can be removed once the female has lost interest in them, which generally happens after the passing of the natural incubation period (about 4 weeks).


Consider this a good "practice session" for the next breeding season, which may result in live chicks! Sib

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That is a good question. My blue/gold Macaw is 16 yrs old now and she is starting to lay eggs. I do not know if I should remove them or let her abandon them

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It is very important not to remove the eggs until the female herself abandons them (gets of them / ignores them).  Otherwise she will likely replace them and that may result in serious, possibly life-threatening mineral deficiencies.

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