Ringneck/Parkeet Sexing

HELP! Our family is on the verge of war! We inherited a beautifull Ringneck (also not sure Indian or African?) from my inlaws which they inherited from their inlaws years ago. We estimate Popeye to be 20-27 years old allready. We have had him/her now for almost 3 years. Now somewhere along the line someone in the family claimed that this bird started laying eggs (never with us), so from then they claimed to be a female. However in my research I haven't come across another ringneck female with such a dark ring. It is not very dark, but I think dark enough to classify it as a male. (please see picture attached and my Profile Pic) I am in the process getting DNA test kits samples to settle this for good, but I am curious what everyone thinks. Also, Indian or African?    



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We can only see the small thumbprint photo - so can't see details there.


Females may have a pale ring around the neck, but the male has a black line on the chin and throat, or a rose-colored band. 


The typical lifespan of Indian Ringnecks is 15 years - so your family has obviously taken extraordinarily good care of this pet.  Kudos to you!  Of course, old hens would no longer lay eggs.


Species page: http://www.beautyofbirds.com/indianringneck.html



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