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Hello I am new to this forum.  I have a female eclectus parrot ( Gypsy ) and last night as she sat on my chest while watching TV she started tamping her feet on my chest. She would do it about 10 times per foot,then switch feet.  anyone have any idea what this behavior is ??

I would be  concerned about a nutritional deficiency and a poor diet may not always be the reason for that. Sometimes there are metabolic issues that prevent the absorption of certain nutrients.  This being said, if this only happened once and your pet looks happy and healthy, I wouldn't be too concerned. Sibylle

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<<She looks kind of cute doing it, like she is making a nest on my chest while I watch TV>>


This may actually be it then.  It may not be toe tapping.  She may just be making herself comfortable on your chest. Birds in their roosting places will use their claws to sweep out any debris ... It may be instinctual behavior ... Sibylle


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A female may lay eggs even without a mate (I have a female African Grey sitting on 3 eggs right now - and she has never even seen a male African Grey).  When a female starts laying will depend on the situation.  First of all - breeding season has to come, with longer days and more sunlight; female has to have a mate (and in pets, that is usually their owner); a hen must feel confident that there is enough food and water for a family, and a safe place for raising young.  Once these requirements have been met, a breeding age, broody hen is likely to lay eggs. Of course, without a proper mate (bird mate of the appropriate age and species), the eggs will be infertile.  Still, the female will go through the notion of brooding the eggs; but she will eventually give up and get off the eggs ... Sibylle

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