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My green cheek conure laid 4 eggs, 2 of which cracked (she didn't lay in nesting box, she laid on a branch, and eggs dropped to bottom of cage). So I have these two eggs in a homemade incubator, humidity, 99 degree temp, but I have no idea what to do when they hatch! They were laid on the 2nd and 5th of April, but I cannot find anything online about what to do when they hatch, only info for eggs, not chicks. Please help me! I need advice on what to do, because all I know is that people feed them Kaytee Extract formula, (my pet store has it) but that's it. 

Did you candle the eggs to see if they are viable / developing?  Here is a link with instructions:


The incubation period for Greencheeks  is about 22 - 25 days.


My guess is that you did some research and learned that the eggs need to be turned every day several times?  Commercial incubators will turn eggs every 45 minutes or so (can be set differently - depending on one's needs).  It is typically not necessary to turn them that often by hand  - but without egg turning, eggs will not be viable.


It is important to keep track of the hatching day; calculate back 3 days and drastically increase humidity inside the incubator to help the chick hatch at that time (3 days before hatchdate).  A dehydrated chick will not hatch.  The membrane will dry out and shrink-wrap the chick. 


The following resource will have all the info you need on breeding, hatching and raising of chicks:


Please let me know if the eggs are good!  Best of luck!  Sibylle

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Parrots are monogamous - so they will usually bond to one mate only.  However, outside the breeding they often form social groups (flocks), so they tend to become friendlier when they are not breeding - especially if you continue to socialize them. 


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It depends on the species. The smaller subspecies (such as the Solomon Island)  can reproduce when they are as young as 18 months old; others may take up to 5 years to be ready. The range is basically between 2 to 5 years

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