Egg bound budgie.

I have a budgie which is egg bound.  There is an egg shaped, egg sixed protrusion distended from her abdomen. Today I took her to the vet who undertook an x-ray and came back saying that because there is nothing showing on the x ray then the problem is not an egg but instead is constipation. Please bear in mind that I am in Thailand.  This is not an excuse for bad vetrenary practice but standards are not what they are in the west. I am not a vet but my bird appears to be pooing ok.  I want to know what I can do.  I have done some reading on the internet and understand that a soft shell egg binding problem could be cause by my bird not having enough calcium.  I am getting some in the morning as soon as its light.  But how quickly might that have an effect? If anyone has any useful links I can read or watch, I would be grateful.  I am pretty sure I am on my own here.  The local vets have been useless.      

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