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Bathing a Blue and gold Macaw

Submitted by stevedg on Wed, 02/04/2015 - 19:15

I recently purchased a 6 month old female blue and gold. I've had her now for about a month and have tried to bathe her or spray her gently but she appears to be very afraid of it. Even if I try to gently spray her she just wont have anything to do with it. She will even try to fly off her perch... wings clipped. I know her feathers and skin would benefit from this but I don't want to stress her out more. Any Tips?

First of all, parrots (or birds in general) are prey animals. This means, they will be scared of ANYTHING new.  So first of all, take your time introducing your pet to anything new.  Bathing is good for her.  Understanding this, provide a shallow dish with clean water every day.   It may take your pet weeks or even MONTHS to understand what the dish is for ...  but once they do, they will use it just about daily.  But the introduction and them understanding the benefits is going to take a while.  The same goes for the misting bottles.  Once birds know what it does, they will generally LOVE it, but until they do - they will be scared of it. So misting anything NEXT to them for a week, two or maybe three, may be necessary until they know  - "Hey, this feels GOOD!" ... Birds are going to be scared of ANYTHING NEW. So please take it slow. Over time, they will get used to it, and they will learn to appreciate how GOOD it feels ... Sibylle

You could try taking her into the shower with you.  Of course, be very slow and gentle.  She will not like being directly sprayed by the shower head, so I would hold her away from you, but close enough for her to be nicely misted. This may work very well for  two reasons: She will be happy to be near you and she will be more comfortable knowing that you are not scared. Still, if the water hits her directly, she may panic.  Of course, you would need to avoid getting soap on her. So I would not do that during a regular shower; but simply plan a shower "for her" with you.  Take it one step at a time.  Go as close to the water stream as she is comfortable. As soon as she looks worried and her body is swaying away from the water, I would stop.  It's an "immersion therapy" ... one step at a time, and a little closer each time ... Best of luck! Sibylle

Ariansen (not verified)

Sun, 01/01/2017 - 11:52

Just keep doing it and try different water temperatures mine hated it but one day was on the shower when I was now she loved to shower best but will also take being sprayed especially in the mornings once its starting to warm up

Mark R. Ariansen (not verified)

Sun, 01/01/2017 - 11:54

Keep trying mine took ages to like it also vary the temp some like to cool others warm
try in the shower my Black Palm hates the mist but loves the shower whereas the BG macaw loves the mist and a bowl of water

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