Cockateils first clutch

Hello everyone. In the past of I have bred budgies. This is my first time with my cockateils Butter and Toast. Toast was named Toast because when we brought him home from the pet store his phrase was Wheres my Toast? So naturally his mate had to be Butter. Butter surprised us by initatating the breeding process at the young age of 12months. Toast is closer to about 3 years.They mated about 2 weeks ago. I placed a cockateil nestbox in the cage. Both the male and female checked it out but would not enter it. The male made a roundish nest pad on the bottom of the cage out paper towels. For some reason Butter refused his offering she tore it up and put it in the grit dish. She finally laid her first and second egg on the grate of the cage.Today she came up to front of the cage with a broken egg on her chest for us toremove from her poor girl. We placed a hankerchief under the remaining egg but she is not sitting on it tonight. Maybe shes just not done laying. And of course she chose the middle of a New York winter to breed so I am hoping it will be warm enough for incubation. Wondering if I should maybe remove the top to the nestbox to make it more inviting or what to do next.Thanks for reading this.

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