Breeding Eclectus

I bought a pair of Eclectus a couple of weeks ago from a breeder. This is a new pair that was introduced Spring 2014.  The female is 6 and has hatched and raised babies with her previous mate ( who had an accident with the previous ownders dog and died)  and the new male is 7 and is unproven. They had a clutch of clear eggs together before I bought them. I've noticed the male mating with his perch recently, is there any way to stop him from mating with the perch? I would love to raise Eclectus but I don't think him mating with the perch is going to produce beautiful babies. :)  I am new to this species so perhaps this isn't unusual behavior?  Also, what is a healthy diet for Eclectus? Right now I am feeding TOPS Pellets and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.  I would love to hear from other breeders who are more experienced with these beautiful birds!