Birds of Prey found in New Guinea (Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Owls, etc.)

New Guinea Map / Location

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Listing of forest birds native to, or found in, New Guinea:

Australian Hobby / Falcon (Falco longipennis) - Range: Winters in Indonesia and New Guinea

Nankeen or Australian Kestrels (Falco cenchroides) - Range: A common bird of prey found in New Guinea, and nearby islands

Australian Kestrel or Nankeen Kestrel (Falco cenchroides)Australian Hobby

Brown GoshawkBrown Goshawk (Accipiter fasciatus)

Long-tailed Honey-buzzard (Henicopernis longicauda) - Range: Papua New Guinea

Black Honey-buzzard, Bondrée Noire or Abejero Negro (Henicopernis infuscatus) - Endemic to Papua New Guinea

Collared Sparrowhawk (Accipiter cirrocephalus) - Range: Widespread through New Guinea except for sandy deserts

Grey-headed Goshawk (Accipiter poliocephalus) - Endemic to New Guinea and adjacent islands

Doria's Goshawks (Megatriorchis doriae) - Range: Lowland rainforests of New Guinea and Batanta Island off western New Guinea

Pacific Baza or Crested Hawk (Aviceda subcristata) - Range: New Guinea and adjacent islands

Pacific Baza or Crested HawkCollared SparrowhawkDorias Goshawk

White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)

Gurney’s Eagle (Aquila gurneyi) - Range: New Guinea and adjacent islands

Wedge-tailed Eagle or Eaglehawk (Aquila audax) - Range: Southern New Guinea

New Guinea Harpy Eagle (Harpyopsis novaeguineae) - Endemic to undisturbed tropical rainforests of New Guinea

New Guinea Hawk-eagle (Hieraaetus weiskei) - Range: Papua New Guinea

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Papuan Harriers (Circus spilonotus spilothorax) - Bird of Prey - Range: Sattered across the whole of New Guinea except for the Vogelkop peninsula in the west

Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus)

Whistling Kite

Southern Boobook OwlOwls

Australian Masked Owl (Tyto novaehollandiae) - Range: Southern New Guinea

Greater Sooty Owl (Tyto tenebricosa) - Range: Montane rainforests of New Guinea

Barking Owls or Winking Owls

Southern Boobook (Ninox novaeseelandiae) - Range: Southern New Guinea and nearby islands

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