Negros Bleeding-heart Doves

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The Negros Bleeding-heart Dove (Gallicolumba keayi) is one of a number of species of ground doves in the genus Gallicolumba that are called "bleeding-hearts". They get this name from a splash of vivid red color at the centre of their white breasts. Another common name for this species is Punalada (Pilipino). Like all bleeding-hearts, the Negros Bleeding-heart is endemic to the Philippines.

This species has an extremely small, severely fragmented population. Continuing rates of forest loss on the two islands where it occurs suggest that it will continue to decline, thereby qualifying it as critically endangered.

  • Habitat/Distribution: primary and secondary forest

  • Habitat / Behavior: 25cm (10-in) Total Length. Ground-feeder but roosts and nests on bushes or vines; seen in pairs in a flock. Birds with enlarged gonads recorded in April and May and a recent fledgling obtained on May 3. Nest and eggs are undescribed.

  • Threats: Hunting, habitat loss

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