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The Mountain Kingfishers (Syma megarhyncha) - also known as Greater Yellow-billed Kingfisher, or Mountain Yellow-billed Kingfishers - are Tree Kingfishers is found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Their habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and moist montanes.


Subspecies and Ranges:

  • Syma megarhyncha megarhyncha (Salvadori, 1896) - Nominate form
    • Found in central and southeastern New Guinea - from Sudirman Range to Owen Stanley Range.

  • Syma megarhyncha wellsi (Mathews, 1918)
    • Found in western New Guinea, in the Weyland and Snow Mountains.

  • Syma megarhyncha sellamontis (Reichenow, 1919)
    • Found in northeastern New Guinea, in the mountains of Huon Peninsula.

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? ... Czech: Lednácek horský, led?á?ek horskýu ... Danish: Stor Gulnæbbet Isfugl ... Dutch: Berggeelsnavelijsvogel, Berg-geelsnavelijsvogel ... Estonian: mägi-safiirlind ... Finnish: Vuorikalastaja ... French: Martin-chasseur montagnard ... German: Bergliest, Bergtorotoro ... Indonesian: Cekakak Gunung, Raja udang punggung paruh kuning ... Italian: Martin pescatore di montagna, Martin pescatore montano ... Japanese: yamakibashishoubin, yamakibashoubin ... Norwegian: Najadeisfugl ... Polish: lowiec górski, ?owiec górski ... Russian: ?????? ???????? ... Slovak: rybárikovec horský ... Spanish: Alción de Pico Amarillo Montañés, Alción Montano ... Swedish: Bergskungsfiskare


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