In Memory of Mikie - White Cockatoo / Umbrella Crested Cockatoo


Umbrella Cockatoos and ChickPhotos: The photosare from Mikie, Cuddles - one of the chicks he fathered - and his mate.


The following information was provided by Mikie's owner:


In June of 2005, I was gifted for the price of $900, from a friend, a LARGE White Male Umbrella Cockatoo named Mikie. I first saw him in an Aviary that had ducks, geese, Cockatoos, and even birds that flew in from the canal behind this Aviary located in The Acreage in Florida.

I wanted to mate my female White Umbrella, who was smaller compared to him, and after examination for crooked bill, nails, beak, eyes, feathers, he APPEARED to be fine. He was so cuddly and such a talker, it was unreal.

Mikie was a watch bird. He always let me know who was outside whether I wanted to or not.

His one bad habit - he turned into a horrible biter. He may have already been one, because he used a few expletives which I cannot mention, but after one year, they were gone. He would also go into a half hour charade of yelling at someone, which I think the old woman did as he imitated her voice. He would get agitated, walk with his head looking at the ceiling and just yell it out.

He developed a loving relationship with the Mother (enough to breed), but could not be left with the eggs as he pecked them open. I have one baby from him named Cuddles who likes to make as much noise as he did, but I have handled this bird from the shell. Mother depended upon me for help.

One day, when he was running around, playing with the dog and the other two birds, he just got too excited, and as I placed him in his cage, he let out the loudest mournful, painful scream, appeared to have a massive heart attack or aneurism and died on the spot. I gave him mouth to mouth and chest resucitation to no avail, he went that quick. I kept yelling," Mikie, wake up, wake up" in shock.

I am not sure why he died, but if there is such a thing as a bi-polar bird, (I am a former nurse), he was it.

I miss his 24.7 talking, yelling and yes, this bird even sang love songs to me @ night when he was supposed to sleep. God works in strange ways, and he died on a Sunday, the second week of March, and on the following Monday, I received a packet of releases from Executive Director Vin de Bona of America's Funnniest Videos!

The bird and the dog used to play catch with huge butcher bones. The bird would snuggle with my female Dobie/Shepard and she would check him for fleas while he would preen her hair and kiss her. I also had the Mother feeding the baby right on the video.

We have yet to hear from AFV, but maybe this bird may make it onto TV. He is buried at the north end of the acre I live on, next to a huge statue of St. Francis of Assisi. God, I miss him. So does his wife and baby. The dog is sad as well. He was only 7 years old and I am wondering why he went.

The ring on his foot was embedded in his leg several months before, and he had to be gassed to get it out as he was in severe pain and one heck of a biter. I gave him his antibiotics, and pain medicine religiously, and he recooperated. I just wonder if the train that runs across the street irritated him or if his parents, who were not on site, may have died in the hurricanes, because he survived them. Mikie even bit me in the lips giving me TEN stitches when I went to kiss him. You never knew what he was going to do and boy did he yell. He did not let the female get food and was abusive to her as well, so it had to be inborn.

Please be careful, people, when you buy, this bird was a burden, but a blessing as he kept two burglars out of the house and gave me eight babies. I kept one - Cuddles. Mikie ~ you were as beautiful as the day I bought you when you went to heaven so early, this household was as sad as could be. Your mournful scream when you left this world,even brought down endangered Sand Cranes from the trees.

MikieYou brought joy to this house, sometimes I thought I could not take it, but the love, the babies and the memories we have to show the world some day, will bring other animals lovers down on their knees to pray. We miss you Mikie, St. Francis watch over him. God Bless You for having the sight.