Mayr's Parrots

Psittacella / Tiger Parrots

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The Mary's Parrot looks similar to the Brehm's Parrots (brehmii), but its head is pale dark olive-brown; the bill much smaller; on average slightly smaller.

The female also looks like the Brehm's Parrots, but the edging to breast feathers paler yellow and narrower; abdomen less yellowish than in nominate form. Her bill is smaller.

The average length is 9 ins (23 cm).


They can be found in the mountains of Huon Peninsula ... CITES II - Endangered Species

Species Names:

Scientific: Psittacella brehmii harterti ... English: Mayr's Parrot ... Dutch: Mayrs Tijgerparkiet ... German: Mayrs Bindensittich ... French: Psittacelle de Hartert

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