Masked Fruiteaters

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The Masked Fruiteaters (Pipreola pulchra) - also sometimes referred to as Beautiful Fruiteaters - occur naturally in the central-western South American country of Peru, where they are found on the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range (Amazonas south to central Cuzco).


Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ?????? ... Czech: kotinga škrabošková ... Danish: Maskefrugtæder ... Dutch: Maskercotinga ... German: Gelbbrustkotinga ...Spanish: Frutero Enmascarado, Granicera Enmascarada ... Finnish: juovarintakotinga ... French: Cotinga masqué ... Italian: Fruttaio mascherato ... Japanese: zuguromidorikazaridori ... Norwegian: Smekkefrukteter ... Polish: owocojad zlotoszyi, owocojad z?otoszyi ... Slovak: ovociar maskový ... Swedish: Maskfruktätare

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