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Homing Pigeon Mutations (Photos and Information)

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Mutative Clouded Ash-Red Checker

Manny Arquette - Genetics ResearcherManny Arquette - also known as Emanuel Busuttil (birth name) - has kept and bred finches, canaries, budgies and pigeons all his life.

He eventually became interested in avian genetics and founded the Australian Avian Research Organization (australianavianresearchorganization.com), whereby focusing on researching the Melopsittacus Undulatus - the Australian Budgerigar; and authored a book titled: The Budgerigar Breeders Scientific Manual, which was distributed internationally and served as a resource to numerous bird clubs and well-known bird breeders, to mention a few:

  • Ghalib Al Nasser (Champion Budgerigar Breeders and Exhibitor)
  • Inte Onsman (Research coordinator MUTAVI Research and Advice Group)
  • Robert Hugo (Crested Budgerigar Club of Australia)
  • American Bird Clubs

His next genetics project involved homing pigeons. After years of intensive breeding experiments, he realized the world's most unique color variety of Columba livia - the Black-Ash, and many other mutations.


Manny Arquette comments:

According to avian scientists the pigeon is highly intelligent, and only humans and monkeys have shown to be more intellectual. Columbidae's homing instinct is to marvel at and diversity of color to be admired. Evolution has certainly transformed the Rock Dove into the beautiful creature we have come to know as the magnificent athlete of the skies - the Homing Pigeon.

Wonders never cease embracing my researched breeding program and it is important for other Australian breeders to contact me with acquiring the many unique color varieties to ensure they are not lost to the world. I am 65 years of age and only God knows what time remains towards furthering my avian genetics research. URL: australianavianresearchorganization.com/

Black-Ash pigeon


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