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Lories and Lorikeets: Species G to O

Index of Lory / Lorikeet Species: Species G to O

Includes Average Length, Clutch Size and Incubation Period

Lory Species: A - F ... R - S ... T - Z

Clicking on the name will take you to the respective species informationScientific Name:Average LengthAverage Clutch Size


Fairy LorikeetsCharmosyna pulchella pulchella18 cm / 7.2 in2 eggs25 days
Fergusson Island LoriesLorius hypoinochrous devittatus27 cm / 10.5 in2 eggs25-26 days
Forsten's LorikeetsTrichoglossus haematodus25-26 cm / 10 in2 eggs22-25 days
Gold and Green Lorikeets or Scaly-breasted LorikeetsTrichoglossus chlorolepidotus21-23 cm / 8.4-9 in2 eggs22 - 25 days
Golden-banded Lorikeets or Red-throated LorikeetsCharmosyna rubrigularis rubrigularis17 cm / 6.8 in??
Goldie's LorikeetsTrichoglossus goldei19 cm / 7.6 in2 eggs23 days
Greater Alpine LorikeetsOreopsittacus arfaki arfaki15 cm / 6 in2 eggs22 days
Greater Red Lories or Bernstein Red LoriesEos bornea bernsteini32 cm / 12.5 in2 eggs24-26 days
Green-naped Lories or Rainbow LoriesTrichoglossus haematodus haematodus29 cm / 11.6 in2 eggs24 days
Green-streaked LoriesChalcopsitta sintillata chloroptera31 cm / 12 in2 eggs24-25 days
Halmahera Red-flanked LorikeetsCharmosyna placentis intensior17-17.5 cm / 7 in2-3 eggs?
Hartert's Fairy LorikeetsCharmosyna pulchella rothschild18.5 cm / 7.25 in2 eggs25 days
Huon Emerald LorikeetsNeopsittacus pullicauda sociales18 cm / 7 in2 eggs?
Henderson Lorikeets or Stephens LoriesVini stepheni19 cm / 7.6 in3-4 eggs23-26 days
Indian LorikeetsLoriculus vernalis~13-14 cm or 5 inches2-3 eggs20 days
Iris LorikeetsTrichoglossus iris20 cm / 8 in2 eggs23 days
Jobi LoriesLorius lory jobiensis31 cm / 12.4 in1-2 eggs24 days
Johnstone's LoriesTrichoglossus j. johnstoniae20 cm / 8 in2 eggs23-25 days
Josephine's LorikeetsCharmosyna josefinae24 cm / 9.6 in2 eggs25 days
Karkar Red-chinned LorikeetsCharmosyna rubrigularis krakari17 cm / 6.7 in??
Kuhl's Lories or Kuhl's Ruffed LoryVini kuhlii19 cm / 7.6 in2 eggs?
Little LorikeetsGlossopsitta pusilla15 cm / 6 in3-5 eggs20 days
Louisiade Lories or Purple-bellied LoryLorius hypoinochrous hypoinochrous26 cm / 10-10.4 in2 eggs25-26 days
Maju Violet-necked LoriesEos s. atrocaerulea26 cm / 10 in2 eggs25-26 days
Malay LorikeetsLoriculus galgulus12-13 cm / 4-5 in3-4 eggs20 days
Mamberiok Black LoriesChalcopsitta atra spectabilis32 cm / 12.5 in2 eggs24-25 days
Marquesas Lories (Ultramarine Lory)Vini ultramarina17-18 cm / 7 in2 eggs25 days
Massena's Lorikeets (Coconut Lory)Trichoglossus haematodus massena25 cm / 10 in2 eggs24-27 days
Mayr's Red-flanked LorikeetsCharmosyna placentis ornata17-18 cm / 7 in2 eggs21-23 days
Meek's LorikeetsCharmosyna meeki16 cm / 6.4 in??
Meyer's Black-capped LoriesLorius l. salvadorii31 cm / 12 in2-3 eggs26 days
Meyer's LorikeetsTrichoglossus flavoviridus27 cm / 10.8 in2 eggs23 days
Mitchell's LorikeetsTrichoglossus haematodus mitchellii24 cm / 9.5 in2 eggs24-27 days
Mollucan LoriesEos bornea31 cm / 12.4 in2 eggs24 days
Morotai Yellow-backed LoriesLorius garrulus morotaianus30 cm / 12 in2 eggs26-28 days
Mount Goliath LorikeetsCharmosyna p. goliathina45 cm / 17.75 in2 eggs28 days
Mount-Apo Lories (Johnstone's Lories)Trichoglossus johnstoniae20 cm / 8 in2 eggs23-25 days
Musschenbroek's Lorikeets (Yellow-billed Lorikeets)Neopsittacus musschenbroekii23 cm / 9.2 in2 eggs23-26 days
Musk LorikeetsGlossopsitta concinna22 cm / 8.8 in2 eggs22 days
New Caledonia Lories or Deplanche's LorikeetsTrichoglossus haematodus deplanchii26 cm / 10 in2 eggs24-27 days
New Caledonian LorikeetsCharmosyna diadema18 cm / 7.2 inExtinct
Neumann's Brown Lories aka Neumann's Duyvenbode's LoriesChalcopsitta duivenbodei syringanuchalis31 cm / 12 in2 eggs25 days
Ninigo LorikeetsTrichoglossus haematodus nesophilus26 cm / 10 in??
Obi Violet-necked LoriesEos s. obiensis26 cm / 10 in2-3 eggs26 days
Orange Lorikeets or Emerald LorikeetsNeopsittacus pullicauda18 cm / 7-7.2 in2 eggs?
Orange-breasted Emerald LorikeetsNeopsittacus pullicauda alpinus18 cm / 7-7.2 in2 eggs?
Olive-green LorikeetsTrichoglossus haematodus flavicans27 cm / 10.5 in2 eggs24 days
Ornate Lories or Ornate LorikeetsTrichoglossus ornatus25 cm / 10 in2 eggs25 days

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