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Genera of Lories:

Chalcopsitta (mostly found in New Guinea) - please scroll down

Other Lory genera: Eos / Lorius / Vini / Pseudeos / Phigys ( Fiji islands, Lau Archipelago) and Loriculus & Psitteuteles

Genus: Chalcopsitta

Bernstein' s Black Lories (Chalcopsitta atra bernsteini)Island of Misool (part of Maluku Islands) in Western New Guinea
Black Lories (Chalcopsitta atra atra)New Guinea
Cardinal Lories (Chalcopsitta cardinalis)New Guinea
Carmine-fronted Lories (Chalcopsitta sintillata sintillata)Indonesia
Duyvenbode's Lories (Chalcopsitta duivenbodei)New Guinea
Green-streaked Lories (Chalcopsitta sintillata chloroptera)Southeast and Western New Guinea, Papua
Mamberiok Black Lories (Chalcopsitta atra spectabilis)Mamberiok Peninsula, North-western New Guinea
Neumann's Brown Lories aka Neumann's Duyvenbode's Lories (Chalcopsitta duivenbodei syringanuchalis)North-eastern New-Guinea from Aitape Area, East to Astrolabe Bay
Rajah Lories (Chalcopsitta atra insignis)New Guinea
Red-fronted Lories or Carmine-fronted Lories (Chalcopsitta sintilla rubrifrons)New Guinea
Van Oort Black Lories (Mamberiok Black Lory) (Chalcopsitta atra spectabilis)Mamberiok Peninsula, North-western New Guinea
Yellow-streaked Lories (Chalcopsitta sintilla sintilla)New Guinea

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