Lorentz's Painted Tiger Parrots

Psittacella / Tiger Parrots

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As Painted Parrots (picta), but crown and nape olive-brown; sides of head bluish-green; throat suffused with blue; lower back and upper tail-coverts black with yellow edging; on average slightly larger.

Female as male, but breast black, each feather edged in yellow; yellow band to sides of neck absent; cheeks blue.

Length: 20 cm (8 ins)



They can be found in the Snow Mountains, Western New Guinea ... CITES II - Endangered Species


Species Names:

Scientific: Psittacella picta lorentzi ... English: Lorentz's Painted Parrot ... Dutch: Lorentz's Bruinkoptijgerparkiet ... German: Lorentzs Gemalter Bindensittich ... French: Psittacelle de peindre de Lorentz


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