Jeannine Miesle, MA

Jeannine Miesle, MA

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Originally from Fremont, Ohio, Jeannine Miesle and her husband, Terry, now live in West Chester, Ohio.

Jeannine Miesle M.A., M.Ed has done considerable writing, proofreading and editing for journals and newsletters over the years. Jeannine had taught English and music in the schools and presently is organist at Bethany Methodist church in West Chester. 

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Jeannine and her husband Terry have been involved with birds for many years. Her flock now consists of six cockatiels, all rescued. Her experience with Avian Bornaviral Ganglioneuritis (PDD) stems from the five years she cared for their Triton cockatoo, Krissy, who passed away in 2013. Their cockatiels range from around seven to 18  years of age.

They have been involved in avian rescue for the past 13 years. Some of the birds came from rescue organizations and some through friends. In addition to writing for Beauty of Birds, Jeannine has a Facebook group named, "The Science of Avian Health." This page is strickly an educational site and contains veterinarian-approved research papers and other articles about avian health and illness in the "Files." Her personal Facebook page also has articles under "Notes," which is under "More." Some of Jeannine’s papers have been published in IVIS and on

She can be reached at 513-779-6172 or

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