Oriental Darters (Anhinga melanogaster) aka Indian Darters or Snakebirds

Anhingidae / Darters

Oriental Darter - Anhinga melanogaster


Indian Darter - Anhinga melanogaster The Oriental Darters (Anhinga melanogaster) - also sometimes referred to as Indian Darters or Snakebirds, are water birds found in the tropical South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The Oriental Darter is a member of the darter family, Anhingidae, and is closely related to American (Anhinga anhinga), African (Anhinga rufa), and Australasian (Anhinga novaehollandiae) Darters.

This is a long-necked, cormorant-like species that mostly feeds on fish.

Frequently, it is observed swimming with only the neck being visible above the water, making it appear like a water snake from a distance, hence is common name.

The Oriental Darters can be differentiated from the American darters by the white lateral neck stripe.

They build stick nests placed in trees.

The average clutch consists of 3 - 6 eggs.

Indian Darter

Oriental Darter - Anhinga melanogaster

Oriental Darter - Anhinga melanogaster

Indian Darter - Anhinga melanogaster Oriental Darte

Indian Darter - Anhinga melanogaster



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