Incubation Data for Poicephalus (African) Parrots

Sub-speciesAverage Eggs per ClutchDays of Incubation
Misc. Parrots:Average Eggs per Clutch / Days of Incubation
Brown-headed Parrot (Poicephalus cryptoxanthus)2 - 4 eggs26 days
Jardine's Parrots (Poicephalus gulielmi gulielmi)3 - 4 eggs28 days
Kuhl's Cape Parrots or Brown-necked Parrots (Poicephalus robustus fuscicollis)3 - 4 eggs28 - 30 days
Meyer's or Brown Parrots (Poicephalus meyeri)3 - 4 eggs26 days
Red-bellied Parrot, Red-breasted Parrot, Abessinian Parrot or Orange-bellied Parrots (Poicephalus rufiventris)3 eggs24 - 26 days
Rüppel's Parrots (Poicephalus rueppellii)3 - 4 eggs27 days
Senegal Parrots (Poicephalus senegalus)2 - 4 eggs27 days

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