Hutton's Shearwaters


Hutton’s Shearwater, Puffinus huttonThe Hutton's Shearwater (Puffinus huttoni) is a seabird found in New Zealand, with breeding restricted to only two remaining colonies in the Kaikoura Seaward Ranges, Kaikoura. During the non-breeding winter months, they migrate to South Australia. They inhabit the open seas, and colonies occur within the sub-alpine to alpine range. These shearwaters are known to occasionally crash-land on roads, apparently mistaking the roads for stretches of water.



This species is threatened by habitat loss caused by colony disruption by introduced browsing mammals and introduced Short-tailed Weasel predation on their nesting burrows.

Conservation efforts are ongoing to preserve this species. To this end, a new colony has been established on the Kaikoura Peninsula.


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