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Purple-throated Mountain-gem

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Who doesn't want to experience the colorful and fun creatures as close to home as possible? There is a lot you can do to invite them in.

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Birds - Our Wild Friends!

The stunning Central American Purple-throated Mountain-gem are second to none in terms of natural beauty.

They are one of the major tourist attractions in Costa Rica, where ecotourists come from afar to experience these delightful creatures in their natural habitat.

Crimson Sunbirds

However, the stunning Crimson Sunbirds (and other sunbird species) from Asia have a lot in common with the American hummingbirds, such as small size, color plumages, and long skinny bills that are perfectly adapted for retrieving nectar from flower buds.

Dusky LoriesDusky Lories aka Banded Lories or "Duskies" are unlike other parrots species.

Their main diet consists of flowers, nectar and pollen. They are in demand in the pet market because of their striking beauty, but their loud natural vocalizations should be considered.

The Mouth of a Chuckwillswidow (Bird)The North American Chuck-will's-widows are far from "the usual." They have large, gaping mouths that allow them scoop up insects in flight.

These birds were named for their repetitive, loud, whistled "chuck-will's-widow" calls that are often heard at night.