Hallstrom's Parrots

Psittacella / Tiger Parrots

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As Madarasz's Parrots(madaraszi), but generally slightly darker; crown, back of crown and nape with narrow yellow streaking. Female as madaraszi, but crown feathers black with broader green edging becoming dark orange on back of crown and nape. Immatures as female, but edging to back of head and nape paler and narrower; faint yellow and brownish edging to breast; black edging to back and rump not so distinct; iris brownish-yellow.


They can be found in the central highlands and Hindenburg Range ... CITES II - Endangered Species


Species Names:

Scientific: Psittacella madaraszi hallstromi aka Psittacella modesta hallstromi ... English: Hallstrom's Parrot ... Dutch: Hallstroms Tijgerparkiet ... German: Hallstroms Bindensittich ... French: Psittacelle de Hallstrom

er each breeding season, and repair and sanitize before reusing.

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