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The Grey-rumped Swift, Chaetura cinereiventris, is a small swift that breeds in hill forests from Nicaragua south to Peru, Brazil and northern Argentina, and Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago. Its nest is a half saucer of twigs glued to the inside of a tree hole, chimney or similar shaded location with saliva.



They Gry-rumped Swift is small, measuring 11.5 cm in length and weighing about 15 g. The plumage above is black with a grey triangular band across the rump. The plumage below is slate grey. It has a long black-grey tail.


Calls / Vocalizations

Gray-rumped Swifts emits chittering calls.


Diet / Feeding

Greay-rumped Swifts catch insects in flight - often low over roads or clearings in the morning or evening high above the forest.


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