Great Crested Flycatchers

Tyrant Flycatchers
Great Crested Flycatcher

The Great Crested Flycatcher, Myiarchus crinitus, is a large insect-eating bird of the tyrant flycatcher family.


Adults are brownish on the upperparts with yellow underparts; they have a long rusty brown tail and a bushy crest. Their throat and breast are grey.

Distribution / Range:

Their breeding habitat is deciduous or mixed forests across eastern North America. These birds migrate to Mexico and South America, also Florida and Cuba.

Nesting / Breeding:

They nest in a cavity in a tree. A snake skin is usually included in the lining of the nest; sometimes a plastic wrapper is substituted.

Diet / Feeding:

They wait on a high perch and fly out to catch insects in flight, sometimes hovering to pick food off vegetation. They also eat fruits and berries.

Call / Vocalization:

This bird's call is a whistled weep.

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