Gray Vireos

Grey Vireo

The Gray Vireo (Vireo vicinior) is a small North American bird with a distribution stretching from the southwestern United States and Baja California Sur to western Texas.

It migrates to western Mexico for the winter.

Its preferred habitat includes the dry brush on the slopes of the southwestern mountains.



This vireo is gray above, and dull white below. It has a single faint wing bar and eye-ring; and a short, thick bill. The sideways twitching of its tail is unique among vireos and is reminiscent of that of gnatcatchers.

Identification Tips:

  • Length: 5½ to 6 inches (14 cm)
  • White eye ring
  • Gray upperparts
  • Faint white wing bars
  • Whitish underparts with grayish wash to breast and flanks
  • Thick bill with hooked upper beak
  • Sexes similar
  • Juveniles similar to adults

Song / Call:

The call is hu-wee, chu-wee, che-weet, chee, ch-churr-weet, churr, schray.


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