Arm Chair or Sofa Fitted Pet Bird or Small Pet Play Gyms – Fun for your Pet & Protection for your Furniture - Patent Pending

Arm Chair or Sofa Fitted Pet Bird or Small Pet Play Gyms

Fun for your Pet & Protection for your Furniture - Patent Pending

Quality Product - Made in the USA / Customizable upon request

Available Colors / Designs 

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These quilted, fitted "Blanket Pet Gyms" are perfect for people who share their home with pet birds and other pets that like to hang out on the top of back rest. Unfortunately, when doing so, most pets will entertain themselves by chewing on the furniture - which may result in permanent damage. This Fitted Blanket Pet Gym will provide alternative entertainment to your pet and a protective layer for the furniture.

In fact, this protective playgym turns OUR favorite place into our pet's favorite play area while protecting chairs or sofas from destructive beaks and unsanitary droppings and unsightly stains.  So pet owners can now spend time with their pets without worrying much about their furniture.

It doesn't matter if you and your pets like to hang out on a sofa, a loveseat or a comfy arm chair - we have developed a solution for all ...  

  •  This item comes with storage or foraging pockets that will hold your pet’s toys or treats.
  • The front pocket and “pocket tunnel” in the back can be used for storage or as places for small pets to hide or sleep in.  The pocket on the front has been set away from the center, allowing a pet owner to sit comfortably, and his or her pet to snooze in the cozy pocket next to him.  The pocket is open to the top to allow a pet to escape should a pet owner accidentally lean against the pocket (which might happen if the blanket is not properly centered on the chair).
  • Storage pockets on the sides will also allow you to keep your pet’s “foot toys” stored away as much as they will encourage foraging, as pets will “dig” for their favorite toys
  • There is an apron along the bottom of the front and the back to catch any droppings / messes hence offering some protection for the floor as well.
  • The chain on top is removable. There are several loops along the top that toys can be attached to. 
  • Snaps on the sides open to allow the cover to lay flat, or to be fitted on one side and lay flat on the other side - as might be needed for sectional seating arrangements.
  • Three versions have been produced to fit overstuffed armchairs, loveseats or 3-seater sofas.  Their measurements are as follows:
    • Arm Chair:  39 inches long x 28 inches wide
      Loveseat / 2-Seat Sofa: 60 inches long x 30 inches wide

      3-Seat Sofa Cover:  98 inches long x 30 inches wide

  • A set of 3 Favorite Toys are included.  Additionally, hooks and loops on the blanket will allow you to easily attach your pet’s favorite toys or the pockets will allow for the toys to be conveniently stored away or hidden to encourage foraging. 




  • Several base colors are available and we try to keep the accent fabrics the same or similar to what is featured; however, depending on availability, we may use different fabrics.
  • You are also welcome to send us your favorite fabrics and instructions to match your own design preferences.
  • This item is easy-care.  All one has to do is remove the chain / rope and any toys, and toss the blanket into the washing machine (delicate cycle).