Fiery-throated Fruiteaters

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The Fiery-throated Fruiteaters (Pipreola chlorolepidota) occur naturally in South America.

They are now rare and at risk of extinction due to the loss of their subtropical or tropical lowland and montane forest habitats.


Distribution / Range

They are found along the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range - from southern Colombia (Cauca, W Caquetá) south to central and southeastern Peru (south to Pasco, with one isolated record in extreme eastern Puno).


Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ?????? ... Czech: Kotinga cervenohrdlá, kotinga ohnivohrdlá ... Danish: Flammefrugtæder ... Finnish: Tulikurkkukotinga ... French: Cotinga à gorge rouge ... German: Feuerkehl-Schmuckvogel, Orangekehlkotinga, Rotkehl-Schmuckvogel ... Italian: Cotinga goladifiamma, Fruttaio golaflammea ... Japanese: nodoakamidorikazaridori ... Dutch: Vuurkeelcotinga, Vuurkeel-cotinga ... Norwegian: Ildstrupefrukteter ... Polish: owocojad malutki ... Russian: ???????????? ??????????? ??????? ... Slovak: ovociar malý ... Spanish: Frutero golifuego, Frutero Gorgirrojo, Frutero Pigmeo, Granicera Garganta en Llamas ... Swedish: Flamfruktätare


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