Featured Bird Photograph: October 2009: Budgerigars

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Below are interesting facts about the Budgerigar. Please scroll down for featured photo and information about the photographer:

  • Naming: The name "Budgerigars" is derived from Australian aboriginal term: "Betcherrygah", which basically means "good to eat"; it was then abbreviated to "budgie" -- which has become the common name of this small parrot.

  • Budgies are very smart birds -- and indeed are believed to be the best talkers of them all! They can learn to pronounce about hundreds of words and phrases. In fact, one California budgie is said to have had a vocabulary of 1,728 words by the time he died in January 1994. Another budgie called Sparky Williams had a repertoire of 8 nursery rhymes, 360 phrases, and a vocabulary of over 550 words. In fact, this little budgie became a star and 20,000 copies of his record were sold by the time he died in 1962.

  • The longest-living budgie that has been record is "Charlie" -- a budgie from Stonebridge, London. He hatched in 1948 and lived until 1977 - he died at the ripe age of 29 years and 2 months.

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Photographer: 0range County Girl / Holly Clark -  http://www.flickr.com/photos/hollyclark/

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