Featured Bird Photograph: November 2009: Atlantic Puffins

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Interesting Facts:

  • During the breeding season, Atlantic Puffins have colorful beaks designed to attract mates. This colorful beak resulted in its being nicknamed "Sea Parrots" by early sailors. The outer part of the puffin’s bill sheds after mating season.
  • The Atlantic Puffin can fly at speeds up to 50 mph (80 km/h) by beating its wings rapidly - up to 400 beats per minute!
  • It has a series of backward-pointing spines that project from the tongue and top of mouth and allow it to hold food in place while more is being caught (please refer to below photo of the Atlantic Puffin holding sand eels in its beak). The record was achieved in Canada, where one Atlantic Puffin held 61 fish in its beak.

Atlantic Puffin

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